A Bit of Studio Nostalgia (Part 2)

Have you ever started a new project just to pack it away?

You know...moving Sucks! It breaks your momentum to say the least! When I finally started the drudgery of packing up my paintings and materials (for real), I also started a very large painting on the outside walls of my studio. Why?

Outside my studio space, 170 B. Grand Ave., Pacific Grove, Ca
working new mixed media abstract painting.
[Photo Credit: Lindsey Klinger, Klinger Photography, c.2009]

Because inside the studio was a sad place of boxed up paintings. Because I needed something BIG to release my frustration on. And because I wanted to have something new to look forward to working on after this disruptive moving was all done.

When I'm finally unpacked, I'll come across this rolled up painting and it will be a stepping off point to a new series of work. That's the plan anyway.

Have you ever done something like that to motivate yourself?


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