A Bit of Studio Nostalgia

I've relocated to Tampa, FL now. But while I'm still stuck in hotels waiting to close on my new home, I can't help thinking about the great little studio space I had back in Pacific Grove, CA. I'm a little anxious about finding a new studio here in Tampa, FL.

Inside my studio space, 170 B. Grand Ave., Pacific Grove, Ca
working on an abstract painting.
[Photo Credit: Lindsey Klinger, Klinger Photography, c.2009]

The last days in my Pacific Grove, CA studio were very rough for me. Bittersweet. When I should have been packing, I suddenly got a burst of creative energy. I wanted to paint! For months after my solo show, "The White Space" at the PG Art Center, I was so burned out on abstraction. But wouldn't you know it, my mojo started coming back the week I started to pack out.

The studio was so warm and cozy. For a while, I just couldn't "defile" it with moving boxes, styrofoam peanuts, bubblewrap and tape! I had to work up to that.

So in the meantime, I did an inventory of my paintings and scheduled a photoshoot to document the studio before I "destroyed" the sanctity of the place. My photographer friend, Lindsey Klinger, came over a few times to photograph me working on some of my paintings. It was wonderful spending time with Lindsey. She really has great eye and works to capture that special thing about the subject.

I think what she captured about me that day was that instead of packing, I only had paint on my mind!


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