"Composition D" At the Mayo Clinic!

My painting "Composition D" has been selected by jury for an upcoming 3-month exhibit at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Fl. I am honored to be included in this unique showing. If you are interested in purchasing the work (during the next three months), please contact the Women's Center of Jacksonville (WCJ). (voice: 904-722-3000)

"Composition D"
Acrylic on Canvas
48 x 12" (H x W")

I know, I'm biased but I simply LOVE this piece. It was the type of painting that just WORKED right off! I find that when I'm working in series, every now and then, one of the paintings just happens exactly as I envision. I don't have to work it to death or beat it into shape. The magic happens right there on the canvas and I can STOP and leave it alone. When I come back to it, if I still love it , then I know I've done it.

I have like a BAMMMM! moment. Do you feel the music?


Anonymous said…
Hi Princess, do you know where at Mayo this piece is hanging? Felicia's in Rad Onc there and I showed it to her, so she's on the lookout. However, she'll search it out if you can give her any specifics.

Jimmy Saal
Princess Rashid said…
Hi Jimmy, according to the Women's Center of Jacksonville rep:

" The exhibit will be in a large glass case at the entrance of the Mayo Building, as you walk toward the Davis Lounge with its large Chiluly glass installation hanging from the ceiling and a huge water wall.

Robert Fontaine, who is the Division Chair of Campus Planning, juried this show. For this lovely and well-traveled location, he chose seven paintings and photographs and two sculptures for the exhibit."

Please tell Felicia I said "hello" and thanks for your continued interest in my work.

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