The Tempus Project

Despite the rain, last Friday night proved to be interesting. I went out to learn more about a new hot art spot in Tampa, FL called the Tempus Project.

The work was all top notch. The images below are just a few of my favorites.

The Invisible Order”
Brian Taylor

"The Invisible Order" woodcut by Brian Taylor has great dimensional AND emotional impact. The size of the piece is not too large or small. Whether hand-pulled or pulled by a press, the dimensions of this original print makes the effort significant. Like many pieces in the show, I found myself coming back to it again and again. I was reminded of the woodcuts by German Expressionist, Kathe Kollitz.

Ben Pace
Duct Tape, twine, deer antlers, rope & paperbark

I really dig "Warning" by Ben Pace. The cast shadow is a perfect compliment to the actual physical piece. Even my nine year old was drawn to it. I think it's the simplicity of the piece that makes it effective. I find Pace's ability to manipulate mundane materials, like duct tape, twine and rope into an ominous and suggestive reference, very impressive.

Jeff Gibbons
Latex, wood, books and string

I have to say that my absolute favorite from the show is "Waiting" by Jeff Gibbons. I believe it's an installation. If you walk behind the piece, you can see the projector. It's projecting subtle imagery that I can't really make out but as a whole the piece works. My photo above does not do it justice. The thing about a piece like this is that you have to "experience" it to appreciate it. Everytime I came back to it, I saw some other little thing that I had missed before. IMHO, "Waiting" is a great piece to experience. Check it out if you can.

As a whole, I found the exhibit extremely promising. I just wish there was a little more information about the pieces. For the next show, and hopefully there will be many more in the future for Tempus, the artists should consider adding statements. The works are so well executed that they deserve it.

To learn more about Tempus Projects visit their website or physical address: 5132 Florida Ave, Tampa, Fl. (Seminole Heights district.) The exhibit, 5132, runs until December 28th.


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