Last Cat Standing!

He given name is Pablo Maximus and he's the first cat my husband and I acquired while living in Puerto Rico. He's the first of five. Unfortunately, moving three times across the world took its toll on the others and we lost them over the years. But my Max is about 11 years old and is still with us. For that we are grateful!

"Max Cleaning Himself", Pen Sketch, c. Princess Rashid

"Max", Pen Sketch, c. Princess Rashid

"Max on the Couch" Pen Sketch, c.  Princess Rashid

He also makes a pretty good model and for that, I'm grateful!


MHat said…
I like these.
Princess Rashid said…
Thanks! I'm trying to do more drawing and sketching. I recently have been following a blog called Urban Sketchers....very motivating...!

Oooh! I like your new profile picture too!


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