New Landscape-"A View From Lovers Point"-Pacific Grove, CA

Here's a new painting from the series I working on featuring scenes from Lover's Point in Pacific Grove, CA.

"A View From Lover's Point"
Watercolor on Paper
6.25 x 11"
c. 2010 Princess Simpson Rashid


MHat said…
Very nice Princess I love the color combination. Why so small?
Princess Rashid said…
Thanks Marsha, I'm working smaller for many reasons.

1. These smaller paintings will be offered at Auction for a very reasonable price.

2. I have very little room to store paintings.

3. I'm trying to cut down costs for myself and potential clients.

4. I'm trying to use up the materials I have before I buy more and I have a bunch of quarter sheets..

5. The small paintings are also studies in a way. If while painting, I really like the composition I will do a larger version in the future.

6. Clients may see the small painting and can commission me to do the same image in a larger painting.
Princess Rashid said…
Hey Marsha,

About the color combination, I will be posting another painting in few days of the same scene with a different color arrangement. I visited this spot in Pacific Grove, CA so many times and did numerous color studies and took so many photos.

Capturing the movement of the water and how the light plays off the water is pretty challenging and fun!

Thanks for the comment!

Princess Rashid said…
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Eric said…
Princess, aah the days at Lover's Point! How I long to return there. Beautiful! Michele
Princess Rashid said…
Thanks Michele! Me too!

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