Green Light Baby!

Sorry, I've been offline for a bit....

My Apple laptop recently shutdown on me. For about the last year, I've had issues with the power cable charging my laptop.  It all started with my new baby started crawling and would pull out the magnetic Magsafe Power Adaptor Cable connector and suck on it. Apparently, blowing on it and plugging it back into the computer may have burned a fuse or something.... In my defense, I did a little research and found out that this particular model  has a few design flaws that may have aided in the demise of my adaptor.

In any case, I bought a new cable for about $80 plus tax last year but recently that died too. I had been taking very good care of it so now I thought I had a bigger problem. Turned out the leads on the computer that connected to the Magsafe were damaged or defective...or whatever. Long story short..I got a new cable for free but had to spend about $160 plus tax to replace the defective part on the computer. UGH~!

To troubleshoot about the Magsafe connector , Apple does provide some useful information. And if things are dire, they also provide the "Genius Bar" at your local Apple Store.
  [Caveat-Not everyone behind the genius bar wearing the blue T-shirt is a genius and when pressed about it they will admit that. But frankly it is a little misleading. In my opinion they should have a different colored T-shirt...maybe green! But I digress...]

Last week was rough. I had no idea how addicted to this Apple laptop I had become. Not being able to use it practically sent me into a depression. I remember standing at the Apple Genius bar at a local mall in Tampa, FL. After I described my problem and the "genius" determined it was fixable he took my computer away. He just left me standing there. He had disappeared into the back of the store with it....with my baby..... He didn't return.

I was a little in shock.....I mean he has my computer....all my stuff, my dreams, plans, photos on that thing...Yes, I have backups but still...I just stood there in disbelief that it was gone and would be gone for about a WEEK or more!

As I stood there and tried to process this data, I was Slammed back into reality by my 16th month old daughter  beating on my leg threatening to destroy the place if we didn't leave immediately! That beautiful and clean place called the Apple Store was about to be torn to pieces by my real baby/toddler.  So, I snapped out of my fog and left my computer behind and prayed that the hard drive didn't get wiped in the repair.

Moral Of The Story: You don't have to be a Genius to know that babies and Apple laptops DO NOT mix.

Oh and next time I visit the Apple Store, I will go ALONE (no kids). Then, I can bask in the glow of all that Apple iCRACK!


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