"Love Haiti Now" Collage-Happy Valentine's Day!

For a while now, ever since the recent earthquake, Haiti has been on my mind and heart. I've been struggling with what to do help. I was recently motivated to create something that could help raise money and awareness, even in small way.

"Love Haiti Now"
6 x 6"
Paper Collage
c. 2010 Princess Simpson Rashid
Email me for purchase information
The entire purchase price will be donated to Red Cross relief for Haiti.

Here's a little about what got me going.....

A few weeks ago I came across a post entitled, "The Help Haiti Blog Challenge. You Can Do It. We Can Do It Together" from Kelly Diels of Cleavage where she  challenged/encouraged her readers to act from the heart and give what they could even if money was a issue for them. That post inspired me to make this collage. It was the most immediate, intimate and honest way I had to create something original and relevant to the issue.

I'm happy to release it today on Valentine's Day.

Besides purchasing this original work of art, what else can you do? Join the challenge! Visit kellydiels.com to learn more about the Challenge. Also, there are many organizations on the ground in Haiti providing for the people, i.e The Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders and APJ. We can all do a little bit  more to help those organizations do what they do. I'm up to it. Are you? Join me!


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