"Ju-Ju Bot"-Watermedia on Aquaboard

When I posted this painting a few days ago a friend questioned the title, "Ju-Ju Bot". (See Comments).  I admit, the title is a bit odd. But my "Ju-Ju Bot",  came about as the painting developed.  

"Ju-Ju Bot"
c. Princess Simpson Rashid
6 x 6"
Watercolor & Acrylic on AquaBoard

This painting is varnished and ready to frame. 
Click on the "AVAILABLE" link for purchasing information.

 Within my composition, I saw a robot-like creature dancing. I figured he/she would be listening to music generated by itself....like it was  a kind of jukebox. And thus my creature was born. Yes, I do read a lot of science fiction.  What do you see? 


MHat said…
Ju-Ju Bot???? :)
Princess Rashid said…
Yep! Ju-Ju Bot. I was thinking it looked a little like a robot/jukebox..or walking jukebox! Yes, I know crazy right? Maybe, I read a little too much science-fiction...

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