Chalk Walk Artist Gallery @ Hyde Park Village

Before the 2010 Chalk Walk/Plein Air Festival actually took place, the Tampa Bay Businesses for Culture & the Arts (TBBCA) allowed participating artists to hang and sell work out of an empty commercial space starting in April 2010 and until the festival was over this weekend. It was called the Chalk Walk Artist Gallery and was located in the heart of the Hyde Park Village in Tampa, FL.

On the weekend of May 7-9th, this same sidewalk, seen in the above photo, would be filled with cool chalk artists drawings away.

The image above shows three of my abstract acrylic paintings that I had on display. The two small paintings are entitled: "Bumble Bee" (top left) and "Strive To Build" (bottom left). The one large one is entitled "Magnificent Numbers". (Click on title to learn more about the individual painting.)

This Chalk Walk event was a great idea and opportunity. I would like to thank Kathy Durdin, the artist liason and Christina Campbell of the Tampa Bay Businesses for Culture & the Arts (TBBCA) for all their hard work pulling the Artist Gallery and the Chalk Walk Festival successfully together.


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