Friday Nite Live Painting Session @ Tampa Artist Emporium

Last Friday (May 14th) during the Las Damas de Arte Exhibit at the Tampa Artist Emporium, I gave a live painting performance. It was a great experience! I worked from 7-10:00 pm. Here's the painting I produced.
If you see some algebra in the painting your eyes don't deceive you. It's a polynomial equation.

Here's a shot of me adding a little drip work to the painting. I'm using a mixture of gel and phthalo blue fluid acrylic to add some body. I find that the dripped line is an effective finishing touch.
Here's a close-up shot of the drip application. As you can see from the photo..I use a painting knife to apply the paint to the canvas. I use it to draw, cut and flick...similar to how I fence!

Here a great shot of some new fans. I appreciate everyone who stopped by and chatted with me while I painted. All that positive energy really helped me push and finish the piece in the time allotted.

Now I just need a title. Any suggestions?


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