c. 2010 Princess Simpson Rashid
Acrylic & Collaged Papers
6 x 6"
Imagination Squared Project

This is my square that will be included in the Imagination Squared project that will debut at MOCA Jacksonville for the September Artwalk-September 1, 2010, 6 pm-MOCA Atrium. To learn more about the project visit: http://www.imaginationsquared.com/

This project allowed me the freedom to really push myself and create something radically different than my current body of work. The painting, “Ingenuity”, was created using acrylic paint and collaged magazine papers.

The word, ingenuity, refers to the process of applying ideas to solve problems or meet challenges. Well, that is what an artist does with every creation.

Imagination is.....an awesome power. It can change the world.


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