Making Gel Transfers With Golden- Part II

In this post, I want to show you the beginning stages of a new series of collage paintings where I use gels transfers.

I printed off some source material of images featuring scientist, Marie Curie and information regarding the element called Radium.

To make the gel transfers, I applied a solution known as an isolation coat to each photocopy.  An isolation coat is basically diluted Soft Gel Gloss medium (2 parts by volume Soft Gel Gloss to 1 part water).   It is usually used to provide a protective coating for acrylic paintings that are to be varnished. This is not what was used in the video in my previous post.  This is what I had on hand so I experimented with using it to make the transfer.  I figured that if I applied enough layers, a sufficiently strong gel film would result.  I was right.

In the image transfer video by Golden Artist Colors, they used GAC 500 and then coating the image with Soft Gel Medium. I was worried that my process wouldn't work but it did quite well.  I think the isolation coat mixture I used served the same purpose that the GAC 500. Which is to say, it provides a hard layer to protect the image from the water and rubbing needed to complete the transfer. (See video for reference).

In this photo, I am using my hand to spread the medium across the image in order to minimize air bubbles. I sometimes use a painting spatula to achieve the same purpose. But using my hand really keeps the work personal. :)

In the next post, I will show you the resulting gel transfers and move on to the next step of applying them to my paintings. Stay tuned... and feel free to leave a comment. -Thanks!


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