Derek Gores (Artist)-"Torn" @ Baisden Gallery

Recently, I went to an art opening at the Baisden Gallery here in Tampa, FL to view the work of Derek Gores. Some of you (my beloved readers) know of my ongoing interest in collage and when I heard about the Gores show at the Baisden Gallery entitled, Torn, I just had to go. The collage work on display was well worth it. I simply loved the show.

Artist, Derek Gores standing in front of his collages at the Baisden Gallery,
 Tampa, Fl-September 11, 2010 reception

Gores takes simple pieces of torn papers ripped from magazines and creates a dynamic and intriguing world.  The fact that the papers are torn and not carefully cut up pieces gives the work an energized quality that I am drawn to.

According to Gores,  some of the little bits he uses are deliberate, but in most pieces he is trusting randomness to help build an end result that is more interesting than he could have planned. One friend calls it a 'Zen Narrative'.

To learn more about Derek Gores and see more work visit his website:

To see the works in person, visit:
 442 Grand Central Avenue, Suite 100
Tampa, FL. 

(813) 250-1511 
(Call gallery for more information).

The show runs until October 16th, 2010. 

So what do you think.  Isn't it hot?


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