"Imagination Squared" Packed the House for ARTWALK at MOCA-Jacksonville

During the September 1st Artwalk in Downtown Jacksonville, FL  the "Imagination Squared" Collaborative Project was debuted at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA). The museum was packed! After living in this city for 6 years moving away and coming back, seeing this at MOCA was AMAZING (on so many levels....)

People were standing in line to see local artists! The museum has had an "interesting" relationship with local artists over the past few decades. I see the inclusion of this installation, in such a prime location of the building, as a step in the right direction towards making this institution more relevant to the local community.

In the end, about 910 squares were distributed and collected by Dolf James and Christina Foard, the coordinators of this creative response experiment.

This installation will be on display at MOCA- Jacksonville until November 14, 2010.

To learn more about how this project developed visit:  www.imaginationsquared.com

Here are some other press sources that give some insight into this project and its history:

"Riverside Square Studio in the middle of a public art experiment" - April 2010
"Artists' 'Imagination Squared' idea becomes museum exhibit" - July 2010
"Imagination Squared"-Arbus Magazine -September/ October 2010

This was a really special thing that happened. Hopefully it has raised the bar for all involved. As for me.. I am Inspired!


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