"Celebration of the Night" Raises Money For The Kiddies!

I was apart of a great event this last Saturday night (October 23, 2010) at the St. Mary's Hall in Tampa, FL. I was recently invited to paint live at  the PTA fundraiser for Roosevelt Elementary School . The result of my effort was the finished painting, "Celebration of the Night".

In the photo:
 The artist, Princess Simpson Rashid, 
with new owners of  "Celebration of the Night".

The painting was started from a blank canvas and after 2 hours of intense work, I finished in time for the live auction portion of the event. "Celebration of the Night" sold at auction for $700.00. Not bad for 2 hrs of work.

Detail from left side of "Celebration of the Night",
c. 2010 Princess Simpson Rashid

"Celebration of the Night"
c. 2010 Princess Simpson Rashid
Acrylic on Canvas, 24 x 48"

To see more of my abstracts, visit my website: www.princessrashid.com


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