"Going Home" - Original Oil Painting, 5 x 7"

Here's another painting from my "On The Road" series. I took a picture from my car while driving...this keeps me from falling asleep. I get a good shot and then my juices start flowing, I get excited and then I'm not sleepy anymore...I'm thinking about the painting.

"Going Home"
5 x 7"
Oil on Board,
by Princess Simpson Rashid

I was on the 75 South from Jacksonville, Fl to Tampa. I was captivated by the sky. Let me know your thoughts.

I purposely didn't include everything in the shot, like the cars going in the other direction or power lines on the right side of the painting. I may include a few more but probably not. I think the painting embodies the sentiment of the title.  What do you think?


bshendr said…
Wow! The sky is beautiful. I understand why you were captivated by it. I'm frequently amazed by the beauty of the sky in Florida. Your rendering of that moment in time really captured that beauty.
Princess Rashid said…
Thank you Bshendr. I agree that there is something really special about the Florida sky. That's one of the things I plan to explore with this "On the Road" series.

I appreciate your comment.
Steven said…
My impressions: Very aqua (at least on my monitor), knife (rather than brush)? No power lines, but a cell tower. Going but not returning. Anxious to get home. Going south. Florida skies are big because Florida land is flat, small, and shrinks as you drive through it. I was driving to Naples on I-75 many years ago with my son Dan when some unsettled weather in front of us cleared to leave a stair step of clouds, just as Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" came on the radio. Wish I had a camera, or some talent with paint ... Steve.
Princess Rashid said…
Sweet! "Stairway to Heaven"..that Rocks! Music and the scene really helped me make it home. When my adrenaline starts pumping ...I think I can do anything... :)

Thanks Steve for your impressions. So far this series is tending towards the blue-green. But I'm thinking of playing around with the underpainting in the next one. Maybe lay down a red, orange or orche wash and see how that works popping through the blue green...Stay tuned!

And as always your thoughts and comments are appreciated. Thanks for sharing!

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