Great Frame-Up Reception & Further Inspiration....

Here are some shots of the latest group show I participated in at the Great Frame Up in St. Petersburg, FL. I am actually inspired by these particular images to start a new series of paintings, based on photographs I've taken at local shows and museums. I've been toying with this idea for a while.
Patron enjoying my book, "Elemental Atmospheres"

I think this shot definitely has potential as a painting. There is something about the pose and the lighting that makes me want to explore it more with paint.

Parents sharing the love of art to a youngster.
I think this photo has promise but I need to play with the composition a little. I like the three figures....

Owner & Artist, Alan Divers, standing in front of one of the display walls.

I like that in this photo, there is so much color from the other paintings. However,  I  probably move the figure over to balance the composition.

What do you the left or right?


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