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"Ode to Degas" by Susan Mulholland
Vote for  Paperwork 4E Exhibition: Entries

– Lake Eustis Museum of Art adds a twist to its second annual PaperWorks 4 Me national competitive exhibit, which features 40 artists. 

At the Dec. 10 artists’ opening reception, votes from the general public will be tallied and the PaperWorks 4 Me II artist with the most $1- per- vote endorsements will receive a $300 Purchase Award and their chosen work will be added to the museum’s collection.
Votes may be casts in person during the 6 – 9 p.m. opening at the museum at 200 B East Orange Ave., or may be made by e-mail to  , or by U.S.  mail following instructions and rules found at .

Votes will be counted and the award will be issued by 8:45 p.m. Dec. 10. The exhibit, featuring regional and national artists, runs through Jan. 10, 2010.

The people will get to choose one winner in museum’s PaperWorks 4 Me II Exhibit

Exhibitors include: Carole Bardes, Diana Barringer, Stephen Barnwell, Donne Bitner, Dorothy Blondin, Barbara Booker, Joyce Eaton Brady, Craig Breton, Randy Clark, Amy DeLap, Yvonne Feavearyear, Evan Galbicka, Marilyn Williscroft-Goldberg, Les Jarvela, Jeanine Jones, L. Jeanne Kay, Mike Kelley, Hooshang Khorasani, Jennifer Myers-Kirton, Carolyn Land, Kristy Lisle, Debra Mixon, Susan Mulholland, Rita Noe, Kim Parish, Betty Morris Parker, Margaret Parsons, Valerie Patterson, Robin Maria Pedrero, Melissa Miller Nece, Princess Simpson Rashid, Dawn Schreiner, David Stovall, John Sumner, Charlene Thomas, Phyllis Thomas, Donna Tweedle, Anna-Maria Vag, Barbara Vey, Earl Weydahl, Jr. and Patricia Zalisko. 

“The artists are established favorites and emerging newcomers from Lake and surrounding counties, as well as Washington, New York, Atlanta, South Dakota and Louisiana,” Executive Director Susan Loden says. “There are many astonishing paintings and collage, along with unique cuttings, books and sculpture. Artist Charlene Thomas, of Winter Park, entered a charming collection of two dozen of her miniature paintings housed inside a dollhouse she transformed into an art gallery sculpture".
“The art is so terrific, we decided to go beyond the museum’s official, juried Purchase Award to give the public and the artists a say in which additional paper work deserves special recognition,” says Loden. “There is an example of every exhibitor’s work on our Website, so it’s easy to choose an artist for which to vote by submitting that artist’s name along with payment. The artist may also vote and an individual may split his or her multiple votes among several artists.”

View and vote for your favorite piece:

Note to my fans:

If you would like to vote for one of my pieces, "Universe 7" or "XYZ Vector Key" and can't make the exhibit, contact me.  I will help you get your vote counted. Believe me! ~ Princess :-)


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