Fencing Tournament Video & Drawings

On January 15,  2011, I fenced in the River City Duel till You Drop fencing tournament in Jacksonville, FL.   I also got a chance to shoot some video of the other fencers. Here are some sketches made to study the fencing actions I saw.

Epee Touch at River City Duel 2011 from Princess Rashid on Vimeo.

See if you can find the actions I depict in the watercolor drawings with the actions in the video. If you wish to commission a drawing based on these sketches email me.

"The Lunge"-Sketch
c.2011 Princess Simpson Rashid
Pencil & Watercolor

c.2011 Princess Simpson Rashid
Pencil & Watercolor 


bshendr said…
Very cool!
Princess Rashid said…
Thanks! I will be adding more drawings a videos soon.

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