Having Fun With Chalk In Hyde Park-Tampa!

My little Chalk Artist, Jana.

There were so many talented artist involved with the 2011 Chalk Walk/Plein Air Fest in Tampa, FL this year. Chalk art is not really my thing...too dusty for me..but I have much respect for the artists involved. They create under some tough conditions and with a lot of harsh treatment to their knees. Below is one of my favorites from the event.

This artist was sponsored by Hill Ward Henderson.
I just love this huge turtle. Can you believe it was down entirely in chalk!? I didn't get a chance to speak to the artist or get his name. But he was sponsored by the business of Hill Ward Henderson.

More chalk walk fans.....

This three day event has something for everyone even the big kids...Here's a shot of some racing action at the Chalk Walk.  This event was organized by the Tampa Bay Business for Culture & The Arts [link].


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