SOLD-"Great Entertainment" -Oil Painting en Plein Air

"Great Entertainment"
12x 9"
Oil on Board
I created this painting during the 2011 Chalk Walk/Plein Air Fest in Hyde Park, Tampa.  I was actually supposed to be painting houses, buildings, streets, etc...but I just didn't feel like it. This scene was the one that grabbed me. So this is what I worked on for two days. Both Friday and Saturday, I worked into the night until I couldn't see well enough to paint. 

FYI: Painting by not so effective...When I lost the light I was forced to pack up.

Funny thing is that this painting is a composite of two different bands that played during the festival. Again with the help of my handy dandy camera and the better camera and shots of a local professional photographer, I was able to finish the painting. The photos allowed me to add details to the figures and instruments that otherwise would have been impossible.

Unfortunately, people just don't like to sit still....

New  proud collector of my painting, "Great Entertainment, Rob Stines. .

This event was organized by the Tampa Bay Business for Culture & The Arts [link].


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