Getting Organized!-

I'm putting my money where my mouth is! I signed for the Alyson Stanfield's Get Organized class. It started Wednesday (yesterday).

I started the Getting Organized class around 10:30 pm. After spending the day with the kids, laundry, cooking and and staying up painting until 4 am the last three nights in a row...I'm a bit pooped! 

That's really why I'm taking the class. I need to organize my time better and destroy the clutter around me. So, I finished my first lesson and this is a minor victory because the coffee is really wearing off. I will try to get up earlier than the kids this Thursday morning and get a jump on lesson #2. So to bed I go!



Ha...I need to find an organization class too! Maybe time management would be better. I swear I am failing miserably at it, and my body is feeling the!!!
Princess Rashid said…
Try the Art Biz Coach class in the future. She will offer it again soon.

I am learning a lot in the Get Organized class and its great to interact with other artists. It is like having a low pressure accountability circle.


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