Oil Paint Sticks Are Great For Plein Air Painting!

I created this painting using oil sticks and oil paint during a plein air event at the Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens [link] called "A Brush With Nature" [link].

"Jazzy Nature"
c.2011 Princess Simpson Rashid
Plein Air Oil Painting 

detail of "Jazzy Nature"

detail of "Jazzy Nature"

By using oil sticks, I was able to developed a very textured painting fairly quickly. It was so hot outside , the oil sticks were practically melting in my hand. I knew I had to work quickly.  On the flip side, when I left the painting alone, basically finished, and put in the  shade to cool, the painting dried pretty fast-probably due to the small amount of wax in the paint sticks.   Pretty neat! 


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