Sick And Tired Of Being Tired!

I have determined that I must be lazy. I read a recent  post from Natasha Wescoat's Fresh Gloss blog [link] and it confirmed it.  Maybe I'm not so much lazy as inefficient. According to Feedburner I have about 68 active email subscribers.  I have less than 100 email subscribers after about 6 years of blogging and very little comment engagement. I would say that that is a FAILURE of sorts.

I keep a lot of things from you. I am not a full disclosure kind of gal but I think I will start to share more on this blog before I decide to shut it down. What could it hurt? It isn't as if I have a large readership that I may offend.   If you are in my 68 don't feel bad for me. I take the brunt of the responsibility.  But in the future, share my blog with others in your sphere of influence if any of the new stuff is useful to you.

Don't worry. I won't be posting any nude photos of myself...I don't think... but I reserve the right to do so in the future. Seriously though,  I will speak more from the heart and that won't always be PC. I will start treating the blog, as it should have been treated in the beginning, as a personal dialogue with myself and with those who want to explore my mind and work on a more intimate level.

Think of it as a Diary Of An Artist-maybe I should change the name.... Hmmmm....


Anonymous said…
That was a really insightful and convicting article! As a full-time blogger who would also love to pick up painting again, it really hit home for me. I do treat the blogging as a job, but the social media thing is definitely where I need more discipline!

I can understand your discouragement with your blog, Princess. The artist's blogs that I love to read and keep going back to again & again are the ones that are more personal in nature AND show the reader a glimpse into the artist's creative process. I think people reading artist's blogs really want to know what makes that artist tick as a creative person. Looking forward to seeing where you go with the blog! Maybe a little change will do you good in more ways than one. :-)

Princess Rashid said…
Thanks for stopping by Lesley. I understand what you are saying. With social media, the outlets keep multiplying so it's hard to stay focused and not get overwhelmed.

I also tend to favor the more intimate writing style of some art bloggers. I think I have finally found my voice-so I am excited about this new phase of the blog. All or it comes.

I haven't been to your blog in a while, but find it so refreshing and I thought..."Why hadn't I read it in so long?" Then I remember...cause I wasn't keeping up with my own blog. I have been a serial starter and!

It's frustrating when you are working hard to put yourself out there, but your readership sucks!! Been there (still there), but am so determined from this point is not about the readers, but about a personal journey that I am on. I have a story to tell. And yes, I would like for people to read, and comment and be inspired, but if not...I must continue to push on! I you, supporting and passing on fellow artists to others in the hopes that they will do the same for me!

Love the blog! I am back on track and following you again!

Princess Rashid said…
Hey Tené,

I totally understand what you mean about being a serial starter and stopper. I've been guilty of that too over the last year or so, especially after having my last child. I had very little mojo for blogging.

Like you, I am recommitting myself to building this blog and community.

We can encourage each other.

Thanks for stopping by.


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