What Good A Nap Can Do!

Today was a slow day in the studio. If I was a smoker, I would have gone through a pack.

For the first few hours there was just a lot of sitting and staring at the paintings. I am almost finished with one. It is at the point where it just needs a touch here and there. But it's feeling "tedious" to work like that right now. You have to be calm to work like that. I am not calm right now....

So, while staring at the work,  nothing was coming to me in the form of ideas so I decide to take a nap!

Turns out there is a ton of research out there that supports the benefits of napping on brain power and general happiness. Here's a few good links.

I awoke refreshed and actually got down to business. Ideas started flooding me. My coffee was cold and I was still functional! I worked on two large paintings and three small ones. Yay!

Now, I wonder about the power of sex and brain power. ...


Isn't it the worst when you finally have time to paint and you run out of steam? So glad you found that spark :)
Princess Rashid said…
Thanks Cat! So am I. I am beginning to embrace the nap. :).

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