What is Abstract Painting All About?

Have you ever been curious about why some artists, like myself, paint abstract or non-objective paintings? Instead of giving  of you boring definitions on what abstract painting is, I would like to open this post up to questions.

What is it you would like to know about abstract painting?


Frank Zweegers said…
I am not sure. Where lay the boundaries? What is the definition of abstract art?

I think, when painting is concerned.

The visualisation of how the artist sees the world.
Princess Rashid said…
I agree Frank that the visualization of the artist is very important especially regarding knowing when a painting is finished.

The abstract painting, any painting for that matter, is finished when the artist has said what he/she wants. So I think with abstract especially the artist must already have their own visual language that they want to communicate. If so, then the abstract painting, is part of that language and communicates whatever that message is.

To me, a good abstraction, one that really works, is held together by composition, value, rhythm and the visual language of the artist. It is NOT about just squirting some paint on the canvas and smearing it around.


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