Detail from an oil painting in progress
by Princess S. Rashid
Recently I was in the studio. I have been staying late and going on the weekend for a while now. You know, really pushing it.  But I think I may be close to burn out.  I got in there the other night to continue work on this new large 36 x 48"  oil stick painting.

I have a little routine I go through now before I start painting. I put on my paint overalls. I sit down to put on my painting shoes...sometimes  I feel like Mr. Rogers... and then I sit back and stare at my painting.

On this night there was some additional head holding, eye rubbing and hair pulling.  I was having trouble working up the energy to attack the painting. I decided to rest my eyes. Then, I went to SLEEP right there in the chair. That is NOT part of my routine. And it is not a particular comfortable chair....its a lawn chair! So you know, I must have been tired. 

Actually, I got in about 20 minutes of solid " eye rest" time and woke up feeling better. Refreshed.  I got up from my chair...picked up my knife and went to work. 

Good thing I woke up in a creative place.


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