Studio Five

It's going to be a Great New Year!

Having a studio space has been an invaluable treasure to me over the years. I think maybe because I'm a mother of small kids I need a place to get away. Painting takes a lot of concentration. I need a quiet place without interruption.

When living in Jacksonville, FL, I and had two spaces downtown. Then I moved California and was fortunate to have a studio in Pacific Grove, Ca. I could walk to the beach from there. And what a glorious view I had of the ocean. Now, I live in South Tampa, FL. For about a year I had a space in Seminole Heights and I got a lot of work done there eventhough it was a pretty tiny room without ventilation.

But now I have a great new space in the heart of Ybor City.

I love my new studio. It is about twice as big as my last one and has a window that opens and air conditioning.  I think I will be able to get a lot of work done here. I have some interesting studio mate and Ybor City is full of life.

Here's the inside.

What do you think?


Looks like a great space! And I'm sure having studio mates will help challenge and encourage you. Hope 2012 is a fantastic year for you!
Anonymous said…
I don't see the "Genius at work" sign. But, I see signs of a Genius at work. Congratulations. GreG
Tourgee said…
I love the space! I'm glad you a have window.
Princess Rashid said…
Thank you Lesley. I hope the same for you. My studio mates are an interesting group. I look forward to seeing how together we can help wake up the Tampa Art Scene.
Princess Rashid said…
Ha Ha Greg! Thanks for the support. Sometimes I feel like a mad woman but occasionally I achieve "Eureka" moments.
Princess Rashid said…
Tourgee, I hope you can come down and see it in person. Having a window is such a blessing. It allows some of the fumes to escape and that probably limits the toxicity I expose myself to.

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