Sunday Painting At Sunday's

Last Sunday, I set up my easel on the street (7th Ave in Ybor City) and painted the restaurant Sunday's Fine Dining. This is how I spent the day before my birthday.

Why did I choose this location?

There's a number of reasons why I chose Sunday's Fine Dining. First, the building is very quaint and really has a uniqueness about it. Second,  the food is great and the establishment is very artist friendly. Third, this painting fits into an ongoing project I am working on called: Document Tampa. But the last and perhaps most timely of the reasons is that as part of the Ybor Art Association (YAA) Retail Program, I currently  have four semi-abstract paintings hanging in the interior of the restaurant. So, I thought it would be cool to do some plein air painting in a somewhat realistic manner and show my range a little.

Unfortunately, I got started a little later than I would have liked. I was finally set up around 11:30 am and painted until I lost all light which was around 6:30 pm. I didn't quite finish the painting in this session but I did accomplish a lot.  I tried out a new paint I was sent by Gamblin Artist's Oil Colors called Fast Matte Oil Colors. (I will discuss my review of the paint in an upcoming post).  Let's just say that I really liked using the fast drying oil colors.

I hadn't set up to paint plein air in a while so I had forgotten a few important things like sunscreen, a themos for coffee and a cooler for my water. The biggest mistake was forgetting the sunscreen. Even though I had a great spot under an awning of course the vantage point I chose was one in which the sun was  bearing down on me. From the picture you can kind of see the sun trying to get my left arm.  It was intense too.

I love painting on the street. I usually meet some pretty interesting characters.  This day was no different. People say the darndest things.

  • One guy spent most of the latter part of my seven hour session telling me how he was multi-talented and could paint if he wanted.  He had already "mastered" some strokes and techniques  so he was bored with painting and had moved on to other interests. Hmmm!

  • One lady offered me to commission me to paint a portrait the same size of the cityscape I was currently painting , 14 x 18", for ....drumroll....$25.00. "Ah, thanks but no I can't do that...", I said.   

  • I was also proposed to. That was nice. But I had to decline...since I am already happily married. Alas!


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