Taking the Prize

"Sinatra Bar" 
Oil & Acrylic  Painting
Quick Draw Grand Prize Winner

Recently, I won the Quick Draw Plein Air competition for the TBBCA Hyde Park Chalk Walk/Plein Air Festival.  What is the Quick Draw all about?  Basically, you have just two-three  hours to capture the scene in plein air-live. 

I had scoped out the location the day before and had pretty much everything compositionally mapped out in my head so I was pretty ready. I knew exactly what I wanted to capture in terms of design and energy.

In the photo is the scene that inspired me. Two friends  had come to hang out with me for the day and they with over to the restaurant for lunch. I told them that they would be my models and they were great! The painting turned out well. It was really fun to paint and the crowd got a big kick out seeing it develop.

The only thing  is that now after letting it be for a while I think I might change the added text. What do you think? Keeps the words or take them out? I played with cropping it just to see. If I decide to paint the words out , the painting would basically look like this...just a little taller.

Let me know your opinion.  Seriously, I need your help. Thanx-Princess


Jaime Howard said…
Hi Princress,
I liked this piece just the way it was, but when I saw it without the words, I saw that it's very strong compositionally without the text and that if you remove the words, this piece could be more broadly interpreted. The text limits the perception of the piece because the viewer considers or even uses the words to describe the piece to himself. You're brave to consider altering a prize-winning piece, but I vote for doing just that. Hope my opinion helps! Jaime
Princess Rashid said…
Thanks Jaime! I appreciate the comment. I got a lot of comments in favor of the text but I don't know if they saw the other version. The words were added very much in the moment and are true to that moment. The dilemma for me is in making a more marketable work. Maybe I should just go paint another....
MHat said…
It looks more like a poster than a masterpiece if you leave the graphics in it. If it was mine - no words.
John Summers said…
Looks good with words. Looks like a masterpiece without.
Princess Rashid said…
@Marsha and John,

Thanks for the feedback. I am leaning close to taking out the text. Funny... FB comments like the text and they mostly were non artists. My blog and Twitter commenters are voting for no-Text and they are all artists. Funny.

One of Yvonne Lozanno's comments on Twitter is making me consider subduing the text in a way...Push it back as opposed to totally covering it up.

I will hang the painting during my Open Studio event this weekend in Ybor City-Tampa and poll my guests...get their feedback.

You all are making very good points. I will compile them all , process them and go BOLDLY Forward.

Thanks again for your input and collaboration on this painting!- Princess
Anonymous said…
Maybe paint over it in some way that you real artist's know the technique for-that covers it but you sense that the words are still there. Maybe some kind of smoke or fog like effect. Like you are waking from a dream and it's last impression is fading quickly away and you are trying to hang on to it but you know it will be gone:))
Princess Rashid said…
Exactly what I'm thinking Anonymous. Thanks for your thoughts. -Princess
Stacey Merrill said…
wonderful color & energy! I like Anon's suggestion

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