"Banana Palm Surprise"-Oil Painting

For various reasons, I was only able to get one painting done during the 2012 Plein Air Bartow event. But I was determined to get me at least one more painting before the weekend was over.

"Banana Palm Surprise"| Oil on Board| 9 x 12"|
c. 2102 Princess Simpson Rashid
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Across the street from the gallery where the reception and awards ceremony were being held, I saw this work site alley. I was looking for a red building. After all that green and brown back at the preserve, I was looking for some right angles and some a nice red building to stimulate me. I found it across the street. The trick once finding the right perspective and staying out of the direct line of the moving sun. Mosquitos were also a concern but minor due to my trusty can of Deep Woods OFF!

 The previous day, I had scoped it out and had intended to do the entire red building but by the time I was ready to paint , I couldn't get the sun to cooperate with me so I adjusted and found another scene. I knew I still wanted some of that red building but now I would focus on the banana tree.

It was just crazy looking to me and sort of out of place in that alley. I knew I didn't want to get caught up painting every leaf. My goal was to paint a few and suggest the rest. I wanted to convey the sense of the tree and how it was just sprawling to me. That was really the hook that attracted me to the scene.  I edited quite a bit in order to not get caught up in details that would distract from the star of the show.

I like the contrast between the hard edges of the building and the organic energy of the banana tree. I would love to hear you thoughts.


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