"The Path to Resurrection"-Original Oil Painting

"The Path to Resurrection"| Oil & Alkyd| 9 x 12"
c. Princess Simpson Rashid
This painting was done while I participated in 2012 Plein-Air Bartow Event. It won an Honorable Mention Award from juror, Adam Justice, Curator at the Polk County Museum of Art.

The first day we went to the Circle B Bar Preserve in Lakeland, FL. I had a chest cold and so not feeling that adventurous. Even though I surveyed most of the land, thanks to a volunteer tour guide, I didn't feel strong enough to hike or weather possible encounters with alligators or snakes like some of my fellow plein air companions.

I found a nice little spot under a gazebo near the visitor center. I had a lot of shade and protection from the sun and occasional drizzle. The only negatives were little hopping black spiders, flying ants and  a very gray scene. But I did find something that excited me enough to set up my new french easel and give it a try.

I am pretty pleased with the painting. It is called, "The Path to Resurrection" because of the distinct resurrection ferns I noticed on the branches that weave their way throughout the center of my painting. While touring the preserve and painting, a few people would stop and  tell me about the amazing fern and how after appearing dried out and dead they would suddenly come back to splendid life after only a light misting rain. They add most of the color punch to this gray/ green painting.

From the picture on the left,  you can see that the Spanish  moss is pretty dominant too.

On display at the Tay-cho/Caroline's Gallery until December 11, 2012. 395 E. Summerlin St, Bartow, FL. Contact me or the gallery for purchase information.


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