Thoughts from the Studio..Balancing Act

Serenity in her Hello Kitty hat painting in the studio.
Haven't been here in the studio working in a while. Family life has disrupted my studio rhythm. However, I am still pushing and learning.

 I'm beginning to  appreciate the small things more like slow cooking and fresh vegetables. Playing catch with my kids. Reading with my daughter. All things that are important and before my family situation changed I kind of rushed those things somewhat.

Now, I have less alone time in the studio but I am still growing as an artist, still fighting. Still balancing marketing with production. And I still have those days when I don't want to get out of bed until two big brown eyes ....her father's eyes, stare at me and say,

"Mom, are you going to come out of your room now."

"Mom are you going to go to the studio today?"

How's that for reality? I wrote a while back about creating art and being selfish but now I think NOT being selfish can give you the kick in the pants you need to get things keep things moving. Sometime less is more. I waste less time in the studio because the limited time I have there alone in more precious. And when I am not alone, I have Mimi Me Serenity in there painting along side me. Not a bad deal really. :)


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