Fencing on Display at Watercolor Convention

"The Parry" by Princess Rashid
On display at the FWS 2013 Convention
Photo Credit:  Carly Johnson. 

Recently the Florida Watercolor Society had its 42nd Annual Exhibition at Art Center Sarasota in Sarasota, FL. Since I was a previous winner in the 2012 FWS Online Show, I was asked to provide my prize winning painting, "The Parry" for temporary display during the convention.

My little beauty took Third (3rd) place in the 2012 Online show.

To learn  a little more about the painting visit a previous post on my new Fencing Art blog, The Sword and Brush.

I hope to enter more watercolor and watermedia contests in the coming year. I have been greatly encouraged by feedback from other watercolorists that I respect to continue.

Maybe I am on to something.....

(Special Thanks to Kathy Durdin, Mary Alice Harley and Carly Johnson)


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