Demonstrating "Controlled Spontaneity" Live

I love to paint live and share my work with my audience!  Contact me to schedule a live painting demonstration or workshop for your organization. Here's a blurb describing my painting demonstration process:

"Controlled Spontaneity - Acrylic Painting By Princess Simpson Rashid

"Abacus: The History of Counting" by Princess Simpson Rashid,  40 x 120", Acrylic /Spray Paint on Canvas
Corporate Collection, Tampa, FL.

American abstract painter, Princess Simpson Rashid will conduct a painting demonstration for guests who are interested in learning more about her painting process and philosophy on the relationship between art, science and music. Rashid's careful placement of color is used as a device to help the viewer navigate the canvas. She is interested in the tension that is created between the spontaneous and deliberate layers of paint application. She calls this a process of "controlled spontaneity". Rashid will demonstrate how to create a painting from start to finish using Golden Fluid Acrylics, Liquitex Acrylic Spray Paints and stencils made out of Yupo Synthetic Paper.

Watch videos demonstrating her process at .

Recently, I conducted a very successful demonstration for the  Tampa Regional Artist (TRA) organization. It took place on August 14, 2014 at the Old Hyde Park Art Center, 705 Swann Ave, Tampa, FL.

Contact me to schedule a live painting demonstration or workshop for your organization. 


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