Do Artist Statements Matter?

Take it or Leave it?-"My work speaks for itself!" Or does it?

In my earlier post about the Tempus Project exhibit,"5132", I mentioned that the addition of artists statements alongside the works would have been helpful to me and I can only assume other hungry art patrons.

But does it really matter... ? I'm talking about the words artists use to describe their art.

  • Does it help or hinder your appreciation or understanding of the piece? 
  • Does it help or hinder you in making a PURCHASE? 

You know, I read some where that MONEY was the sincerest form of flattery. Sorry, if that's too forward.. well no, I'm not sorry. Let's be real. It's a new year. The elephant in the room is that ARTISTS Need MONEY to continue to create..... Ok, rant temporarily over...

So what do you think?-I'm talking to you art LOVERS. Ok too ARTISTS.

I know what the art business books say but I want the truth from the horses to speak. Thoughts anyone?


Anonymous said…
I find any info helpful. It doesn't have to lay it all out there, but a little background info is nice. I also like to know if there's anything unusual about how a piece was produced: for instance, Marsha Hatcher's series where she used white material on a black background. We own two pieces from that series and friends are just astounded when I point out that it's like painting a negative. Really mind-blowing!

Cheers & Happy New Year!
Jimmy Saal
Princess Rashid said…
Thanks Jimmy. You gave an excellent example with Marsha Hatcher's "Black & White" series. Thanks for giving a collectors viewpoint!

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