"Binomial Trance"-Original Painting-SOLD

"Binomial Trance", c. 2010 Princess Simpson Rashid
Acrylic on Canvas, SOLD

This was a fun painting to execute.  I started it during a live painting demonstration at the Tampa Artist Emporium during one of their artist receptions.   I discussed it in a previous post. 

I worked on the painting for about three hours during the reception and got it to an "almost finished" state.  I say "almost finished" state because even though I had intended to finish the painting that night after painting and talking to people constantly, I even sold a monotype, I may have lost my focus from time to time.  So by the end of the night, there were a few areas that bothered me.

I took it back to the studio and worked on it for another three weeks. When I was finally pleased with the painting, I found that I couldn't come up with a title. So I did something unusual for me. I asked for help. I turned to a few friends and collectors and most sent me several title suggestions.

Here they are:

1. " Mental Footwork"
2. "Second Set"
3. "Math over Form"
4. "A Splash of Math"
5. "Binomial Trance"
6. "Binomial"
7. "Second Set"
8. "The Rapture of a Binomial Expansion"
9. "The Rapture of a Linear Binomial Expansion"

Most of the suggestions made reference to music or math. I loved all of them but was specifically drawn to the ones that referenced the binomial equation that I placed in the painting. 

(x +y)^2 = x^2 +2 xy + y^2

That is why I eventually chose suggestion number five,  "Binomial Trance" for the title. 

I want to thank everyone who sent in a suggestions. You guys helped me through a rough spot.  I also want thank my new collectors, a couple from Boyton Beach, FL that suggested the titles,  "A Splash of Math" and "Math Over Form"  for recently buying the original painting. 

Thank you for your support.-Princess


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