Tip Toeing Into A New Medium- Collage

I'm working on a new series of collage paintings. I've really been motivated to try collage for some time now. I'm an avid follower of Randel Plowman's blog, "A Collage A Day". His collage compositions and marketing program really have inspired me.  I did a collage back in February entitled, "Love Haiti Now". (See previous post.)

"Love Haiti Now", c. 2010 P. Rashid

This one was completely a magazine paper collage.  I donated it to the "Art For Haiti Auction & Gala" held by Jerry's Artarama, an art materials supplier. The purpose of the auction was raise money to help Habitat for Humanity's efforts in Haiti. That was pretty cool and I got some really good feedback about the piece.

So I tried again.

My next attempt was more of a mixed media work. I think of it more as a collage painting. I executed it for a global colloborative project based out of Jacksonville, FL called, "Imagination Squared". Click on the link to learn more about that. My square is entitled, "Ingenuity". I discussed in a previous post.

"Ingenuity", c. 2010 P. Rashid

What I really like about this piece is that you can see a greater connection to some of my latest paintings where I use circles and texture as important elements of design.  For fun, pay a little attention to some of the torn words I added to the composition: "American","fuel", "but", "and even".  They relate to the title of "Ingenuity".


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