Gnarly Sketch from Eustis, FL

Last weekend, I had to drive back out to Lake Eustis, FL to pick up some paintings from the Lake Eustis Museum of Art that were included in the 2010 Paperworks 4ME II exhibit. It's about a 2 hour drive from Tampa and it takes a lot out of me for some reason. So, I figured I should make the most of the trip and get a sketch or two out of it. I actually bought my paintbox and had planned to set up and do some plein air painting but for some reason, on that day, I was feeling a bit fragile and shy. I wasn't really up for people talking to me or watching me paint so I stayed in my car and sketched from the window. I was in position for some good views on all sides. Here's the result.

"Lake Eustis & Tree" c.  2010 Princess Simpson Rashid, Pen & Watercolor study

The tree was directly in front of me where I parked. I edited out the small bridge that is behind it because I really just wanted to focus on the tree.  It's so GNARLY!


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